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Press Buy is almost young and brisk company aiming to provide branded products at reasonable price. It caters the need of fashion of men,women and kids apparel, footwear, jewelry and other accessories. At PressBuy we aim to attain a high level of satisfaction of our customers. Our cutting edge e-Commerce solutions ensures higher satisfaction for the customers.  In their bid to worldwide vending  the manufacturers and the retailers can increase their productivity.

Not only the e-Commerce platform, the skilled buying system, responsive system of warehouse provide customers with:

  • Extensive collection of products
  • Better business experience
  • Delivery of products at expected time
  • A quick resolution of the problem

PressBuy  holds  soaring expectations for the retailers it approves to sell on its marketplace. Our high standards, coupled with a huge number of data requirements, make this marketplace unlike most other online retailers.  Our goal is to put our customers first to turn the shopping experience unique on the Internet today.

With our revolutionary shopping site you will able to shop for your style. With us, you will able to discover your style by sharing with the style world.  Day by day we are becoming good to great for creating a better form of commerce. By connecting the buyers and sellers, we empower people to create a prospect for all.

Press buy,  is where the people of the world meet to buy and sell. Whether you are purchasing  new, or used, luxurious or plain item, rare or ordinary, it is on sale here. The customers’ success is the measurement of our achievement.

So set us apart, never measure us in the same scale of other online shopping sites. Our vision is powered by technology, open to all.

Our online shopping creates economic opportunity. The sellers enjoy a great benefit when they are linked with the buyers. The strong connection between buyers and sellers transform the selling experience a win- win situation.

Our expertise creates a tangible impact on the individuals all over the world. We create extraordinary things possible for each other: for the buyers and for the sellers. Though young in experience,  we are strongly passionate for creating a unique selling experience for every seller with their products.

We are committed to create an inclusive form of commerce that support every kind of business. Our technology,  even lend a hand to small businesses to participate in other bigger field, to push them ahead for the global market.

It is like a hurry to seize the products, or you might miss it now.
The PressBuy is formed with group expertise and inventive sellers who contribute to individual stores.
Whenever you want to upload your product, you are never far away. Click menu button, and start to upload.
The expiry date added to the countdown price is an added feature of the buying online with PressBuy.
We manage the inventory very efficiently. In the process of management, we follow sales, revise the products, and list the items again that are fairly customer friendly.

Both the Sellers and Buyers are benefitted

Sellers sell their products in the open online market to their great benefit. The buyers enjoy a big place to pick their right choice.

Ever price drop-in format

It is completely unique with PressBuy. The price drop format keeps the buyers alert when to buy and at which cost.

An easy to buying and selling

Both buyers and sellers can buy or sell any product with ease. It is just a click is necessary to start buying or selling.

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